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1SpinMillionaire is the latest innovation in online betting and gaming. It is joint venture of lottery and jackpot. It does not matter what you are playing. The Slots, Roulette, Live Casino Game, Sports Bet, Poker or even the Bingo you will get 1SM tickets for free. There are absolutely no additional hidden costs for you. The more you play, the more tickets you get for free.

To be as transparent as possible and not to cheat the system at the drawing of the winning numbers, we take the official lottery drew numbers worldwide. 1SpinMillionaire will jackpotify your business! Whatever business it is!

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If you are an operator you can easily integrate the 1SpinMillionaire API to your seamless wallet and start.


If you are a player and you want to win the prize, choose from our partners who already has integrated the 1SpinMillionaire to their platform.

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Multiply your volume

Multiply your volume

The chance hit the jackpot increase with every spin. The more you play, the more tickets you have. This gives you advantage against your competitor which have the same games, the same payment methods, the same bonuses.

Increase customer lifetime

Increase customer lifetime

Engagement factor is obvious. Player plays 2 games at once and therefore has more chance to win. The regular draws bring players back to your site and increase the player lifetime.

Take control over your games

Take control over your games

1SM is the first product which is universal and does not differentiate between the game providers. There is no border anymore between casino game providers like NetEnt, IGT, Microgaming, Greentube, Betsoft... or any Sports Betting or Virtual Game provider. It does not matter if it is Poker game, Slot, Horses or Bingo. You have the control over your games.


1SM is used as promotion in any kind of business worldwide. It is not stuck only to the gaming industry and that is one of the unique features. It does not matter what you buy, you will get always a 1SM Ticket. Therefore 1SM is integrated at the moment not only to casino platforms but also to businesses outside the entertainment industry. The first companies who have joined 1SM are coming from the Online Food Delivery services and Transport services.

Supermarkets, Service-Companies, Media, Restaurants, Entertainment and Travel-Agencies will use the 1SM to attract their offers to their customers. Those who will have 1SM integrated will create much more profit out of their business and will have more loyal customers!

Just take a ride with a taxi to the nearest train station, by a pizza and some refreshments or buy flowers for your beloved ones and become a millionaire! 20 Euro on Red! Everything is possible with 1SpinMillionaire!

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